Appreciation of world famous paintings – trackers on the Volga

Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844-1930) was a Russian late 19th century to the first half of the 20th century’s greatest critical realism painter, his immense wealth of creative and excellent presentation skills, the Russian realist paintings Arts Development to peak.

27-year-old student Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, on the Neva day painting, suddenly found the other end of the river there is a team portrait wildly animals crawling on the river bank, approached only to see a line of pulling cargo ship loaded with trackers . He again turned to the crowd on the Neva River Bridge and warm luxury scene. These are two completely different worlds, so the germination of the idea of ​​the creation of trackers life. He took advantage of the summer and landscape painter Vasilyev went to the Volga study public sentiment and painting, drew a lot of trackers true image and material. With three years to complete the creation of the world painting masterpieces thomas kinkade christmas cottage. On the broad Volga, he took a group of heavy-duty cargo trackers in riparian difficult moving forward. Positive summer noon, hot enveloped the earth, an old cable trackers linked to their low humming chant, silently forward Postponed. The harsh reality their slaves, including the bankruptcy of farmers, veterans, lose the trust of the priest, tramp and so on.
6803“Trackers on the Volga” fully demonstrated in the feudal forces and capitalist exploitation, the miserable life of the working people of Russia, recorded at the time the true face of society. 11 trackers suffering behalf of the entire Russian suffering. Expressive pictures, today still gives a strong shock.
1418180168_afileRepin painting drew eleven weather-beaten workers, they tow rope pulling hard on the hot riverside beach. Trackers have different experiences and personality, they live in the bottom of society, but it is a suffering excel in gritty, interdependent teams. The use of color dark misty background, strange open space, giving melancholy, lonely, helpless feeling, effectively deep into the depths of the soul trackers, is also a true portrayal of the painter mood, which reflects the purpose of the painting, the emotions of contrast played a great role. Thomas Kinkade Prints, therefore the composition of the painting, lines, strokes and other painting techniques are quite successful.

Trackers total of 11 people, divided into three groups, each image comes from the painting, their age, personality, experience, strength, ethos vary, this artist will be fully reflected in the theme of unity among. Full painting with light green, purple, dark brown painted sky overhead, the atmosphere seemed so bleak, tragic strengthen the whole painting.

The composition of the picture, Repin bend with the terrain and turn the beach, make eleven trackers like a group of statues, modeled on a yellow, high from the base.

Repin with unparalleled richness, creativity and excellent presentation skills, bankrupt farmers, veterans, loss of trust priests, a weather-beaten tramp than 10 trackers, portrayed like a group of statues, is portrayed in a yellow on high from the base, causing dripping paint to do. Beautiful art, giving a true happiness to enjoy.

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