A cooperative work “our friends all over the world”

In order to participate in the 1960 Second National Art Exhibition, and I drew a picture of Mr Ng cooperation entitled “Our friends all over the world,” the creation, content is Chairman Mao met with friends from other countries in Asia, Africa. This painting with water pastels, square composition, more people and large, with a line more, flown alongside the sort, decorative strong. Mr Ng theme is to think, I helped him draw a few people, especially Chairman Mao. I also specifically to African students Language Institute drew sketches and character sketches picture. This theme was in line with the situation, the picture is fresh and crisp, as well as Chinese taste, and therefore received by the community. China Art Gallery Collection presented, they were afraid of gouache difficult long-term preservation, let us into a painting. Finally, the painting collection of the China Art Gallery.
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