Hua Yanfeng painting exhibition, experts will certainly get realistic style

Preparations for the past six months, “Beijing classic visual art gallery hall two anniversary” Hua Yanfeng painting exhibition “,” March 20, in the afternoon in the classic visual art gallery.

Hua Yanfeng, born in 1937 in Liaoning Province. He studied at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts High School, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts painting training course, French painter painting Evel Advanced Seminar. He almost put all the energy used for sketching and writing, on the development of variation Paleogene painting made a careful study, thus more firmly adhere to the will of realistic painting. New Era, youth pursued new things, to give realistic painting away to explore all kinds of new forms and new styles. Hua Yanfeng also once felt cognitive confusion, but still in the works, as always, adhere to their own conduct realistic.
art05The exhibition features his still lifes, figures and landscape paintings, more than 70 pieces. Hua Yanfeng painting, still life painting of “blue and white” series as the representative, also includes “Autumn Fruit” series, “Tang Dynasty” series, “Yan-Qiu” series. His still lifes in pottery, painted pottery, musical instruments, old oil lamps, stuffed toys and a variety of autumn ripe fruits and vegetables have a different kind of grace. Hua Yanfeng painting portraits and landscapes has participated in many national and local exhibitions and won numerous awards, recognition by the industry. The exhibition also features the Hua Yanfeng Multiple participate in national art exhibition and paintings exhibitions abroad, as eligible for the second national prize still life painting Still Life Oil Painting Exhibition “Green pear”; Thomas Kinkade Prints Art Museum of China to participate in China Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Art Museum and Taipei Li Shih-chiao oil still life “nostalgia” and so on.

The same day also held by the Chinese Academy of Arts Research Professor, deputy director of the Institute of Fine Arts Zheng workers over the “Hua Yanfeng works Symposium.” Lang Shao Jun, Zhang Zuying, Liu Xi Lin, Shang Hui, Wang Yong, Yuan Baolin, cattle Kecheng and Guo, Wang Duanting, Zhao Lizhong, Zhang Chen, Cao Qinghui, Hang Chunxiao, more than 20 well-known art critic, scholar and media reporters on his Art Achievement of the exchange, discussion.
6803Famous contemporary Chinese art theorist Shao Zhen wrote in a commentary: “His art painting Norman Rockwell Prints For Sale, in addition to its own irreplaceable artistic value, he chose the classical realist painting of concentrated operations and achieve outstanding results according to their own conditions, in which aspects of conscious give us useful lessons; he manifested in artistic creation and excellence in piety, but also never forget and praise. ”

Famous art history and theory of Zhang dare wrote in a commentary: “In the face of his works, in addition to admire his artistic skills, more of a taste of things away from the troubles of a relieved.”7301Shao Jun Lang famous critic wrote in a commentary: “His still lifes in a rational, showing objects as the main pursuit of beauty, but still life choice, put into concrete depiction also reveals earthy character and emotional intent painter , confirms the phrase ‘style that is people’ famous. ”
According to reports, the exhibition is organized by the Institute of Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing hosted the classic visual art museum, will continue until April 8.

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