Western Christmas healthy eating

Western countries, Christmas is the biggest festival of the year, and the New Year can be compared, similar to China Spring Festival. So our Christmas dinner is a choice of Western or Chinese food it? I think you certainly do not decide, although Chinese cuisine is widely recognized, but it is suitable for Christmas this Western atmosphere, but Western food high in calories and fat, is not suitable for girls to maintain a slim figure, but also easily lead to heart brain vascular diseases and malignant tumors. Now I will teach you the recipe not undermine the Christmas spirit, and healthy eating Western food.

1. Do not be fooled by the menu: fried, but in Western butter to cook, even roast is also possible to bake all kinds of sauce or cream, so just ask the waiter dishes of cookery.

2. whether the requirements can be grilled cooking methods without adding any sauce.

3. Please vegetables restaurant uses steaming or boiling of the way, the loss of nutrition can be maintained there is no need to add oil.

4. yogurt or vinegar instead of salad dressing.

5. Alternatively oysters, raw fruits and vegetables as well as seafood appetizers, avoid point foie gras, caviar, fried foods and high-fat dishes.

6. Point vegetable soup is better than soup.

7. should not eat garlic bread.

8. Optional staple baked potato substitute yogurt cream.

9. Optional grilled seafood entrees, chicken instead of steak.

10. A tea or coffee should not be sugar, creamer, but the choice of milk and sugar substitute.

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