the use of animal exhaust fan

first part

Confirm the animal exhaust fan, the original motivation of the specifications and order requirements are the same, the annex is complete. Check the power supply (voltage, switches, etc.), the line is in line with electrical requirements, to ensure the accuracy of wiring.

Check the livestock fan and pipe are left with condensed water, dust and other debris. If necessary clean up, to avoid failure when the fan starts. Check bearing lubricants (grease) is sufficient, intact. If the oil equipment, should first test run 2h, while oil temperature and oil pressure should be measured to see if it is normal. Check the anchor bolts, livestock fan main body, the annex and ancillary equipment, for connecting the connection part of the pipeline as required fastening.

the second part

For the coupling or belt drive livestock fan, to check the coupling or pulley to see if the v belt installation is reliable, fan shaft and motor shaft coaxiality is in line with requirements.

If it is water-cooled bearing livestock fan, check the water supply pipe cooling water condition is often the case, manually rotating livestock fan shaft, the original motor shaft, to see whether the smooth rotation to confirm no abnormalities.

Turn the prime mover alone, need to confirm the direction of the original motive rotation and animal exhaust fan rotation, the original motivation side no abnormal situation.

For the drive with the livestock fan, you need to check the v belt with the degree of tension is the same, the use of the need to lubricate the sleeve lubrication coupling, the use of injected lubricants should be qualified. Check whether the regulating valve or valve is fully open or closed, and check for abnormal operation. In addition, livestock and poultry fans out of the R adjustment gate, centrifugal type is fully closed, full-axial flow, the starting load is minimal.

For the forced oil supply device with bearing livestock fan. Should maintain the fuel tank, fuel tank and oil pipeline clean and smooth, the direction of rotation of the oil pump, oil cooler to the drainage mechanism and the chain to maintain normal.

The above content is the use of animal exhaust fan before some of the precautions, Weifang days hope that we use the time do not ignore.

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