Does the cooling system do not have any maintenance in winter?

To keep the water clean, the use of the cooling system must be kept clean water, water quality can be effectively controlled in order to prevent the surface of algae or other microbial breeding, thus extending the service life, in order to surface algae or other microbial breeding can be used every month chlorine Preparation of water treatment, the treatment method is very simple, as long as the amount of instructions in accordance with the amount of chlorine can be poured into the water. Pay attention to the switch machine sequence: in the pump stop after 30 minutes and then shut down the fan to ensure complete dry, the system stops running after checking the water inside the tank is empty, to avoid the bottom of the long dip in the water. Reasonable control of water: the cooling system in the operation of a large amount of water waste water, less water cooling effect is not good, only the amount of water in order to achieve a good cooling effect, the management staff should always check the operation of the water supply to make uniform Fine water flow through the evaporative cooler pad down the flow, if the water flow through the large adjustment of the water supply valve to control the water, sometimes too dry through the water is very little so that can not be very good exchange of air and found that when the water is low enough to see whether the pool inside Lack of water, if the water shortage in time to add. Cleaning and maintenance: If you find the phenomenon of wet and dry uneven, in addition to clear the pressure of the water supply system, but also to see whether the water is clean quality. Winter maintenance: cooling technology after regular maintenance, the winter fan when not in the pool water And the use of plastic cloth live wrap, cooling system from the invention to now have more than 30 years of history, through continuous technical improvements, equipment efficiency and life and product compatibility have been increasingly perfect, after years of universal , Cooling has been recognized as an effective way for summer cooling. Has become a farming, aquaculture, greenhouse greenhouse a standard configuration.

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