Evaporative cooling fan, cooling effective

Evaporative cooling is based on the indoor and outdoor air enthalpy difference, through the heat and moisture exchange between water and air to get the cooling rate of cooling. Experiments show that evaporative chillers are more environmentally friendly, efficient, economical and healthy than traditional compressor air conditioners and are the best choice for large-scale plant business.
Evaporative chillers advantages:
1, high air circulation
Compared with the traditional compressor air-conditioning, evaporative chillers run when the doors and windows open, the indoor air without the need for internal circulation, always keep the room there are plenty of fresh air, not only the new wind coefficient, but also effective filtering of harmful air Material and dust, to improve the indoor air quality, is conducive to the normal production.
2, energy saving and environmental protection
In the environmental protection, the traditional compressor-type air-conditioning operation on the negative impact of the environment – such as freon on the ozone layer has irreversible damage, the condenser also continue to heat out; and evaporative chillers are no compressor, No refrigerant, pollution-free energy-saving products, is a resource-saving, environmentally friendly environmentally friendly products. In the energy conservation, the same process conditions and air conditioning area, the installation of evaporative chillers can effectively save energy – industrial evaporative air cooler its power consumption is only 16-26% of traditional compressor air conditioning, can reduce business and operating costs The
3, low investment costs
In the same process conditions and air-conditioning area, the total investment in the installation of evaporative chillers is 50-60% less than the total installed capacity of conventional compressor-based central air conditioning. The installation time is 35 to less than the installation of conventional compressor-type central air- above 50.
4, effectively avoid dry environment
The traditional compressor-type air conditioning needs the appropriate humidity control facilities supporting the installation environment may be the humidity control; and the use of evaporative chillers without any accessories or ancillary equipment, will be able to adjust their own air humidity, to avoid drying environment on the production process or personnel Somatosensory comfort caused by adverse effects.
5, covers an area of ??small
In the same process conditions and air-conditioning area, the installation of traditional compressor-type central air-conditioning need to have a dedicated room, covers an area of ??large; and evaporative chillers are mainly installed in the roof, wall bracket or indoor room, than the traditional compressor installed central Air conditioning covers an area of ??about 90% of the total area, and even some of the evaporative chillers do not need to take up any building space.
6, stable performance and convenient maintenance
Traditional compressor-type central system complex structure, the need for professional operation and maintenance, and maintenance costs larger; and evaporative chillers with automatic electronic control and automatic cleaning function, the use of “multi-layer fiber composite wet pad “- evaporative cooler pads cooling effect is good, equipment performance is stable, low noise, high efficiency, easy operation and operation management, no need to set up professional operation, simple and convenient maintenance and low cost.

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