Installation of the cooling room

Refrigeration room should be set to send, exhaust equipment, in order to remove indoor heat in time to make up for fresh air. The room should be ¡Ü 36 ¡æ. The engine room should adopt the silencing method to prevent the unit work noise from reaching the air-conditioned room or the outdoor environment. The room should be set up artificial lighting, in the control switch and operation around the appearance of a satisfactory illumination.
The foundation should be higher than the room on the ground 150 to 200 & #. The foundation around the foundation and should be set on the ditch and the engine room of the sump or ground leakage, so that the discharge can be issued leakage, oil.
Hoisting refrigeration, cooling pipes and other equipment, the floor should have a satisfactory bearing capacity, and to deal with muffler vibration isolation.
Refrigeration room firefighting methods should be satisfied with the national plans for a variety of fire safety standards.
Refrigeration room in the chillers and other equipment, the size and weight of large, so set the refrigerator room should think about equipment out of lunch when the question. The use of mechanical and electrical equipment is shorter than the construction of life, reserved equipment and equipment control hole should be installed in the replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment can open the way.
2, evaporative cooler pads the use of cold fans and equipment key
Evaporative cooler pads
1, evaporative cooler pads The fan of the fan and the pump should be set to control, the control switch should be installed indoors. Before use, should ensure that the wet curtain and the pool without debris, clean 1 to 2 times a year; winter do not have time, the pool of water put the net, with a plastic cloth to wrap the box, to prevent debris into the machine.
2, to participate in the pool of water should be clean water to keep evaporative cooler pads cold fan pipe dredge and wet curtain high power. If the wet curtain water supply is short or uneven, to see if the pool is not water (pool float valve can take the initiative to pay water and water), the pump is not working and water supply pipes and water pump inlet, especially the water pipe The hole is blocked, check the water pipe is not located in the middle of the wet curtain.
Evaporative cooler pads is a new era of the selection: evaporative cooler pads cool air curtain + fan vertical ventilation cooling system, is the world’s most economical and most environmentally friendly cooling system. The working principle is: in the corrugated wet film surface with a thin layer of water film, when the outdoor dry hot fresh air by the opposite fan suction through the wet film, the air heat is absorbed by the water on the wet film and water Transpiration into the room, constitute a cool and humid air, people make fresh feelings.
Evaporative cooler pads
The chillers are connected to the window or wall or wall with a pipe joint outside the window and wall. Chiller exports probably higher, not straight blow the body. Before the equipment, the first angle welding bracket, the parameters of the scale, determined by the equipment site conditions. Thinking to the maintenance of people into the machine when the safety, should use 40-50 angle.
The distance from the wall should be greater than 30cm, to prevent the air into the side of the wet curtain blocked. Evaporative cooler pads are usually vertical and horizontal two, horizontal ventilation of the flow over the flow of large area, small wind speed, simple constitute a larger area of ??dead ends, and vertical ventilation air flow area is small, wind speed, dead angle area is very small. In the use of conditions agreed to the situation, probably to make the best use of the first vertical ventilation approach.

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