Evaporative cooling pad installation points

At present, the evaporative cooling fan fan cooling combination is the most economical and effective summer cooling measures. Usually large-scale chicken farms used in the evaporative cooling pad device is divided into two categories: one is the curtain wall plus negative pressure fan; one is a separate independent evaporative cooling fan fan. Of course, these two types of evaporative cooling pad device in the actual installation of the application there are some differences.

In general, the type of curtain wall plus negative pressure fan is mainly used in the space is easy to close and the cooling requirements of the higher house; plug-in independent evaporative cooling fan for cooling requirements are not too high and difficult to close the chicken coop. However, the majority of the current use of the chicken is the type of water curtain wall plus negative pressure fan.

In fact, no matter in which area, if the evaporative cooling pad installed properly, the cooling effect is still certain. But if the installation and use of unreasonable, the effect will be greatly reduced. Recently, through a number of chicken farms evaporative cooling pad with the effect of the investigation visit, I summed up the chicken farm evaporative cooling pad installation process some of the points.

The house should be as close as possible

We know that the evaporative cooling pad device is to rely on the formation of negative pressure inside the house to cool down. If the chicken coop is not good, then the chicken coop can not form a negative pressure, by evaporating the cold air cooling pad will be less, hot air outside the chicken coop will be drilled. So, not because the summer high temperature put the window open.
Reasonable to determine the number of chicken fans, celdek evaporative cooler pads area

The number of fans, curtain area should be based on local climatic conditions, the size of chickens, feeding density to determine. At the same time due to the use of evaporative cooling pad device after a period of time effective air intake area will decline. Therefore, when calculating the area of ??the evaporative cooling pad, it can be appropriately increased. Under normal circumstances, according to the breeding of 10,000 laying hens, if the average weight of the chicken is 1.8kg, you need to be equipped with 25 square meters, 4 fans.

Evaporation between the cooling pad and the cage to maintain a certain distance

Why evaporate the cooling pad and the cages of the fingertips to keep a certain distance? In fact, this is done in order to prevent the cold wind came directly when the chicken in the body. Under normal circumstances, the evaporative cooling pad and the spacing between the cage to keep 2-3 meters. In this case, it is not easy to damage the evaporative cooling pad when transporting the sheds and the egg collection.

Be sure to control the time for the evaporative cooling pad to open

If the evaporative cooling pad opening time control is not good, it will cause waste of water and electricity. Therefore, the general choice of 13-16 every day to open the evaporative cooling pad.

Do the evaporative cooling pad before opening the check

In order to ensure the normal operation of the evaporative cooling pad system, before opening, be sure to do a good job 3 check:

¢Ù check whether the fan is normal;

¢Ú to see the corrugated fiber paper, water collectors, water pipes are smooth, normal, whether the accumulation of sediment;

¢Û check the submersible pump into the water at the filter is intact, water circulation system with or without leakage.

Do the evaporative cooling pad shade

Now the evaporative cooling pad of the house is usually in the evaporative cooling pad outside the awning to prevent the direct sunlight in the evaporative cooling pad, resulting in water temperature rise, affecting the cooling effect.

Note the effect of water temperature

Try to use room temperature water, when the water after several cycles, after the water temperature (greater than 30 ¡æ) should be timely replenishment. The first time to enable evaporation of the cooling pad of water must be added disinfectant to prevent the spread of the disease.

Reasonable use of swamp cooler pads

Use the evaporative cooling pad during the day to clean the evaporative cooling pad filter once a day. Regularly check whether the evaporative cooling pad is blocked, deformed or collapsed, and if this happens, it will affect the cooling effect. The reasons for the clogging of the dust in the air, the impurities in the water, the quality of the evaporative cooling pad paper is not good deformation, after the use of dry or not for a long time do not cause the surface moldy.

Therefore, the evaporative cooling pad device in the daily cut off the water after the best fan to continue to run for more than half an hour, and other evaporative cooling pad after drying down, so that can prevent the growth of algae, so as to avoid blocking the pump, filter and pipe.

Do a good job evaporative cooling pad protection

When the evaporative cooling pad system is not used for a long time, it should be checked regularly to see if the blades are deformed. In the cooling season, evaporative cooling pad inside and outside to add cotton blanket or film, to prevent cold air into the coop. Conditional chicken farm, in the installation of evaporative cooling pad, together consider the installation of automatic shutter. Do not evaporate the cooling pad, the water pipe, the pool of water put clean, and tied with plastic cloth, so as not to dust into the pool and into the device. Pump motor to keep good, to prevent damage due to freezing. Use shade nets (cloth) to block the water curtain paper, to prevent the oxidation and shorten the service life.

Note the installation of the evaporative cooling pad

Evaporative cooling pad The horizontal sewer inlet is to be installed upwards to prevent clogging and water flow. Evaporative cooling pad The sewer pipe should not be completely closed to install for easy cleaning and disassembly.

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