Livestock fan ventilation ventilation time requirements

Livestock fan in the life will be common to its shadow, its main function is ventilation, then in different occasions, the ventilation of the wind turbine ventilation, what time requirements? 1, the general environmental requirements of the number of livestock fans ventilation for about 28 hours each time; 2, crowded places, for about 35 hours each time; 3, there are … Continue reading

Evaporative cooling pad installation points

At present, the evaporative cooling fan fan cooling combination is the most economical and effective summer cooling measures. Usually large-scale chicken farms used in the evaporative cooling pad device is divided into two categories: one is the curtain wall plus negative pressure fan; one is a separate independent evaporative cooling fan fan. Of course, these two types of evaporative cooling … Continue reading

Evaporative cooling fan, cooling effective

Evaporative cooling is based on the indoor and outdoor air enthalpy difference, through the heat and moisture exchange between water and air to get the cooling rate of cooling. Experiments show that evaporative chillers are more environmentally friendly, efficient, economical and healthy than traditional compressor air conditioners and are the best choice for large-scale plant business. Evaporative chillers advantages: 1, … Continue reading

Does the cooling system do not have any maintenance in winter?

To keep the water clean, the use of the cooling system must be kept clean water, water quality can be effectively controlled in order to prevent the surface of algae or other microbial breeding, thus extending the service life, in order to surface algae or other microbial breeding can be used every month chlorine Preparation of water treatment, the treatment … Continue reading

Urbanization Promotes Energy Saving Equipment Manufacturing Industry

“Twelfth Five-Year” period, China’s power to open the strategy to strengthen the priority of energy-saving priority, energy-saving industry is expected to follow the coal, oil, natural gas and non-fossil power after the new dynamic system by the government support. “Twelfth Five-Year” energy-saving environmental protection industry to open the program, “pointed out that by 2015 China’s energy-saving environmental protection industry total … Continue reading

Water conditioning works confirmed on site

Today Changrun Electromechanical Li and Xiao master to a plant in Longgang plant cooling plant to confirm the scene, in the first program design, we give customers the plant cooling project done two programs: The first is to install the cooling fan and negative Pressure fan; the second is to install the evaporative cooler pad fan. In the subsequent communication, … Continue reading

the use of animal exhaust fan

first part Confirm the animal exhaust fan, the original motivation of the specifications and order requirements are the same, the annex is complete. Check the power supply (voltage, switches, etc.), the line is in line with electrical requirements, to ensure the accuracy of wiring. Check the livestock fan and pipe are left with condensed water, dust and other debris. If … Continue reading

Rotating Christmas tree appeared One Central Macau

32 colored plexiglass rotating Christmas music In order to meet the Christmas guests from afar, One Central Macau more guests bring a unique musical feast, Christmas tree from the entrance to the decals on the windows classic Portuguese style architecture, jointly opened a unique Christmas romantic journeys. 32 set of devices musical Located in the atrium of ten meters by … Continue reading

Western Christmas healthy eating

Western countries, Christmas is the biggest festival of the year, and the New Year can be compared, similar to China Spring Festival. So our Christmas dinner is a choice of Western or Chinese food it? I think you certainly do not decide, although Chinese cuisine is widely recognized, but it is suitable for Christmas this Western atmosphere, but Western food … Continue reading