Rotating Christmas tree appeared One Central Macau

32 colored plexiglass rotating Christmas music In order to meet the Christmas guests from afar, One Central Macau more guests bring a unique musical feast, Christmas tree from the entrance to the decals on the windows classic Portuguese style architecture, jointly opened a unique Christmas romantic journeys. 32 set of devices musical Located in the atrium of ten meters by … Continue reading

Western Christmas healthy eating

Western countries, Christmas is the biggest festival of the year, and the New Year can be compared, similar to China Spring Festival. So our Christmas dinner is a choice of Western or Chinese food it? I think you certainly do not decide, although Chinese cuisine is widely recognized, but it is suitable for Christmas this Western atmosphere, but Western food … Continue reading

Give yourself a Christmas dream

Childhood look forward to Santa Claus coming of that day, in fact, most want is that mystical gift, grow up to know the joy of Christmas is a nice atmosphere and is looking forward to the coming year and wishes. Sparkling snowflakes as a piece of the sky falling into mortal wizard-like, naughty fall on people’s eyelashes, the roof covering … Continue reading

Alexandre de Paris Christmas

How to create the most beautiful Christmas Eve encounter? Alexandre de Paris using classic butterfly element, with superb craftsmanship and clever design to create a season of “Night” series, with warm rich burgundy as the main colors, red and crystal embedded in the streamlined butterfly wings, with gold bottom care embraced, spirituality and beauty of the moment to show, if … Continue reading