Why Picasso was the greatest painter of the 20th century

Picasso was a true genius. With impoverished Van Gogh different matter to Picasso’s brilliant life, he is the first ever live to see their works into the Louvre artist. Today, the world is still hot Picasso, not only because the art is more important is the genius brought the revelation of art outside. Western critics admired Picasso reason is that … Continue reading

What we have to realistic painting

Realistic painting comes from the European classical tradition, centuries of history along with social change, progress and change people’s aesthetic and taste of material civilization, its spiritual content and form are constantly changing. Since the 20th century, realistic paintings by avant-garde art of the challenges facing the grim situation. Nevertheless, realist painting is still an art style people enjoy, because … Continue reading

Constable Boer thousands of dollars to buy oil painting, now valued at 2 million

One lucky buyer at Christie’s in London in 2013 to £ 3,500 (about $ 5,300) to buy a picture is considered to be a small oil painting “John Constable Boer followers” made, and now the painting will be realized. The work was identified as Constable Boer works at Sotheby’s New York will shoot on January 29, valued at $ 2 … Continue reading

Winter black leather jacket, cool and elegant

A simple style black leather jacket, how to wear it fashion personality? Enjoy together five European and American fashion shoot pictures of people on the street, we can learn from their matching skills, create their own fashion mix, highlighting their own style. In a match, the most impressive is that, with the same color stockings and high heels, will visually … Continue reading