Livestock fan ventilation ventilation time requirements

Livestock fan in the life will be common to its shadow, its main function is ventilation, then in different occasions, the ventilation of the wind turbine ventilation, what time requirements? 1, the general environmental requirements of the number of livestock fans ventilation for about 28 hours each time; 2, crowded places, for about 35 hours each time; 3, there are … Continue reading

Beautiful color matching, Roger Vivier 2014 spring and summer footwear series

Comma (Virgule) footwear line is still essential, “punctuation” and its eye-catching and memorable gentle arc, Comma (Virgule) heel has become the sole sign of Roger Vivier. There Comma (Virgule) heel sandal, with cross shoelaces, T-shaped geometry of the note and sexy asymmetric structure, atmosphere exudes elegance. Roger Vivier 2014 spring and summer footwear including 7 cm and 10 cm heel … Continue reading

High Heels, Christmas party essential equipment

High heels popular, beautiful women how can you miss it? Mature began planning a party in order to win the match how high popularity, in addition to well-designed clothing on the perfect pair of high heels is naturally necessary to grab the attention of a single product, such as high-heeled shoes becomes magic, put it immediately transformed into a slender … Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret luxury shoes real ” private custom “

Devil figure , in addition to need to have an angel face , but you also need to have a pair of very sexy footwear. Yes , that is the Victoria’s Secret models show floor , you have already seen these Victoria’s Secret Angels show sexy charm , but have not noticed them off with a charming figure of footwear … Continue reading